Ocean Exploration: Launch into the Deep

Within this edition, you will find a wide range of groundbreaking topics, from novel methods to survey entire icebergs, assess stability of sea-ice, undertake acoustic forensics in search of sunken historic shipwrecks, remotely operate vehicles for telepresence in education,
to novel integration of sensors on advanced platforms for high resolution shoreline surveys, seabed mapping, and detection of hydrocarbons in the ocean. It is interesting to note that these ocean exploration initiatives were envisioned and in development prior to the global events of 2020, but the advancements now seem even more relevant within our “new-way-of-working.” Indeed, in many respects, ocean technology development is leading the way.

[Thomas McKeever, Guest Editor]

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Winter – Ship design


Spring – Renewable ocean energy

Summer – Fishery

Fall – Ocean monitoring

Winter – Healthy ocean, healthy people

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Parting Notes

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