Rev your Motors

There is a quiet revolution happening in the marine world. Ships and boats are very rapidly being converted or newly built as hybrid or all-electric propulsion vessels. Driven by the International Maritime Organization, Transport Canada and European emission and noise regulations and supported by advancements in battery technology, hybrid and electric vessels are both possible and here. Creative and innovative minds have come together around the world and are showing that electric vessels are possible.

[Guest Editor Dr. Sue Molloy]

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Call for Content

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Autonomous underwater vehicles – Fall 2018

Polar water operations: mitigating risk – Winter 2018

Tech-knowledge-y: addressing ocean challenges through innovative technology and traditional knowledge – Spring 2019

Tomorrow’s ocean explorers: learning for a marine career – Summer 2019

Sharing the oceans: marine life and anthropogenic sound – Fall 2019

Data tsunami: big data and the digital ocean – Winter 2019

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Parting Notes

Humpback by artist Julie Fitzpatrick

Ocean Creatures of the North Atlantic by artist Fatima Hammond