Smart Fisheries

For me, smart fisheries covers the full gamut, from collecting the data and increasing the knowledge in support of better resource and ecosystem management; to improved vessel and gear design for better performance efficiency and reduced impacts in terms of bycatch, bottom impacts, and greenhouse gas emissions; to achieving better processing yields and quality and increasing by-product utilization to maximize the market value achieved from every fish taken from our ocean.

[Brian Burke, Guest Editor]

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Call for Content

Would you like to share your research and experiences in the areas listed below with our readers? We are inviting the submission of technical papers, essays, and short articles for these issues. Contact for details.


Fall – Machine learning and AI applications in ocean monitoring and management

Winter – Ocean pharmaceuticals: medical potential of ocean-based resources


Spring – Ocean-based carbon removal

Summer – Marine archeology

Fall – Climate change and the ocean

Winter – Ocean technology: the future

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Parting Notes

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Sandy Cove Beach by Clara Penny