Latest issue! Maritime Archaeology

Maritime archaeology is like a time capsule; it provides an understanding of human interaction with the sea. Through shipwrecks, knowledge is gained on historic trade routes and ship building methodologies. Take, for example, this year’s discovery of Shackleton’s ship Endurance. It spent over 100 years submerged in waters greater than 3,000 metres deep. Discovered by the Endurance22 team, the ship itself is in pristine condition and paints a picture of living and working on board the ship and how the ship weathered its journey from Europe to Antarctica.

We are not able to include all of the great things happening around the world in this issue, but we do offer our readers a peek at some of the activities. Take the time to dive deep under the water to discover the treasures that can be found there and the technologies used to uncover them.

[Dawn Roche, Managing Editor]

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Fall – Climate change and the ocean

Winter – Ocean technology: the future


Spring – Energy

Summer – Aquaculture

Fall – Vehicles

Winter – Smart ships

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Special Issue! Blue Economy Virtual Symposium Proceedings

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