AI and Machine Learning

Recent JOT issues registered the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and AI-based research methodologies in oceanic and marine contexts. Many of the techniques and much of the methodology reflect one of AI’s largest waves: machine learning (ML). Spurred by the prominence of ML’s success, researchers and engineers have created a veritable sea of ML tools and techniques
that enhance AI capability and extend its applicability. In this issue, the JOT heads directly into the flood tide of ML developments in marine settings.

[Dr. Jim Wyse, Guest Editor]

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Call for Content

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Winter – Ocean pharmaceuticals: medical potential of ocean-based resources


Spring – Ocean-based carbon removal

Summer – Marine archeology

Fall – Climate change and the ocean

Winter – Ocean technology: the future

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Parting Notes

Northeast Coast of the Island of Newfoundland by Greg Harvey

Safe Home by Bev Power

Sandy Cove Beach by Clara Penny