Ruled by Robots: AUVs

Since the early 1980s and maybe even a decade before, we have been gradually removing that human element from untethered submersible technology and operations. The promise of AUV technology is that it gives us safer access to parts of the ocean that are difficult to reach via the surface. Also, it is better suited to undertake certain types of subsea work due to the inherent hazards of the environment such as extreme temperature and/or pressure. The hard reality of developing and operating AUV technology is that it is risky, high stakes and quite challenging to get it right.

[Guest Editor Dr. Ron Lewis]

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Winter 2018 – Polar water operations: mitigating risk

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Summer 2019 – Tomorrow’s ocean explorers: learning for a marine career

Fall 2019 – Sharing the oceans: marine life and anthropogenic sound

Winter 2019 – Data tsunami: big data and the digital ocean

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