The Journal of Ocean Technology (JOT) is a scientific periodical published by the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland. It is designed to cater to all segments of the global ocean technology community. Its mission is to expand global knowledge and understanding of ocean technologies, to serve as the medium for publishing world-leading research, and to promote innovation that contributes to responsible ocean utilization and management.

For many involved in oceans, regularly publishing results of research, development, and commercialization activities continues to be an effective means of advancing their work and their organizations. While there are many communication tools available to assist in this process, the scientific journal continues to serve as the main currency for intellectual capital and as a mainstay for both disseminating and validating innovation across the industry.

Composed of three sections, the JOT offers full coverage for the oceans community. In addition to a number of columns and special features, the JOT includes educational, informative essays and peer-review open access papers on science, technology, and engineering. The JOT is published quarterly and each issue focuses on a different theme of ocean technology such as tourism and marine recreation; science and technology; fisheries; aquaculture and biodiversity; energy; sovereignty and defence; marine transportation; environment, safety, and security.

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Production team

  • Bill Carter – Publisher
  • Dawn Roche – Managing Editor
  • Dr. David Molyneux (Memorial University) – Technical Co-Editor
  • Dr. Katleen Robert (Fisheries and Marine Institute) – Technical Co-Editor
  • Danielle Percy – Graphic Design
  • Crystal-Lynn Gorman – Administration
  • Scott Bruce and Mike Quinton – Web site and Database
  • Karla Strong and Jaclyn Pitman- Finance
  • Clara Penny, Kelley Santos – Editorial Assistance

Editorial board

The JOT Editorial Board provides advice and input to the production team to ensure that the JOT maintains and increases its position as a high quality, international scientific periodical that publishes themed essays in an educational and concise manner and peer-reviewed papers that describe cutting edge research in ocean technology, science, or engineering. The membership reflects the diversity of the ocean technology sector and includes members who have experience relevant to the focus of the JOT.

  • Prof. Craig Allen, University of Washington (United States)
  • Dr. Keith Alverson, United Nations Environment Programme (Japan)
  • Mr. Randy Billard, Virtual Marine (Canada)
  • Dr. Safak Nur Erturk Bozkurtoglu, Istanbul Technical University (Turkey)
  • Mr. Terry Bullock, Wood plc (Canada)
  • Dr. Daniel F. Carlson, Institute of Coastal Research at Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (Germany)
  • Dr. Dimitrios Dalaklis, World Maritime University (Sweden)
  • Mr. Randy Gillespie, Windover Group (Canada)
  • Dr. Sebnem Helvacioglu, Istanbul Technical University (Turkey)
  • Dr. John Jamieson, Department of Earth Sciences, Memorial University (Canada)
  • Ms. Paula Keener, Global Ocean Visions (United States)
  • Mr. Richard Kelly, Fisheries and Marine Institute (Canada)
  • Mr. Peter King, University of Tasmania (Australia)
  • Dr. Sue Molloy, Glas Ocean Engineering (Canada)
  • Dr. Kate Moran, Ocean Networks Canada (Canada)
  • Ms. Kelly Moret, Hampidjan Canada Ltd. (Canada)
  • Dr. Glenn Nolan, European Global Ocean Observing System (Belgium)
  • Dr. Emilio Notti, Institute for Marine Sciences (Italy)
  • Ms. Elisa Obermann, Marine Renewables Canada (Canada)
  • Prof. Fiona Regan, Dublin City University (Ireland)
  • Dr. Mike Smit, Dalhousie University (Canada)
  • Dr. Timothy Sullivan, University College Cork (Ireland)
  • Dr. Dietrich Wittekind, DW-ShipConsult (Germany)
  • Dr. Jim Wyse, Maridia Research Associates (Canada)

Special Advisers: Libraries

  • Catherine Lawton, Fisheries and Marine Institute (Canada)
  • Louise White, Memorial University (Canada)