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Volume 3 Number 4 (Winter)

Wrecks, Treasure, Antiquity - A Special on Marine Archaeology
  • Intro
  • Table of Contents
  • Essays
  • Archaeological Oceanography
  • Dwight F. Coleman, University of Rhode Island
  • Robert D. Ballard, University of Rhode Island
  • Submerged Archaeological Landscapes: From Ancient Myth to New Frontier
  • Trevor Bell, Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Illuminating Shipwreck Sites Using Sonar Technology
  • Rory Quinn, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland
  • Donal Boland, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland
  • Archaeology and Technology: Exploring History in the Mediterranean
  • Jeffrey G. Royal, RPM Nautical Foundation
  • Exploring Underwater Sites: Virtual Submarine Allows Access to Europe's Sunken Wrecks
  • Paul M. Chapman, University of Hull
  • Reviews & Papers
  • Effect of Low-Cycle-Fatigue Damage on Strength and Ductility of Structural Steel
  • Sreekanta Das, University of Windsor
  • Daniel Grenier, University of Windsor
  • John Kennedy, University of Windsor
  • Learning Ocean
  • Learning Ocean
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