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Volume 4 Number 4 (Winter)

Renewable ocean energy: Oceans of energy
  • Intro
  • Table of Contents
  • Essays
  • A Century of Tidal Power Research in the Bay of Fundy, Canada, and the Enabling Role of Research Networks
  • Graham R. Daborn, Acadia University
  • Anna M. Redden, Acadia University
  • Sources of Technology Applicable to the Ocean Renewable Energy Industry
  • Harald Grob, OceanWorks International
  • Harnessing the Power of Wave Energy Converters
  • Scott Beatty, Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd.
  • Ryan Nicoll, Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd.
  • Peter Wild, University of Victoria
  • Brad Buckham, University of Victoria
  • Ocean Energy as a Sustainable Economic Development Priority
  • Stephanie Thornton, North American Sea Energy Alliance
  • Gareth Davies, Aquatera Ltd.
  • Reviews & Papers
  • Best Practice Guidelines for Tank Testing of Wave Energy Converters
  • GrĂ©gory S. Payne, University of Edinburgh
  • Jamie R.M. Taylor, University of Edinburgh
  • David Ingram, University of Edinburgh
  • Operating a 5-kW Grid-Connected Hydrokinetic Turbine in a River in Cold Climates
  • Eric Bibeau, University of Manitoba
  • Shamez Kassam, University of Manitoba
  • John Woods, University of Manitoba
  • Tom Molinski, Manitoba Hydro
  • Clayton Bear, New Energy Corporation
  • Development of Wave Energy Devices: The Danish Case
  • Jens Peter Kofoed, Aalborg University
  • Peter Frigaard, Aalborg University
  • Community Profile
  • Focus on ... Renewable Ocean Energy
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