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Volume 2 Number 4 (Winter)

Virtually a Reality - The Rise of Marine Simulation
  • Intro
  • Table of Contents
  • Essays
  • Validating Marine Simulator Performance - What Lies Beneath the Surface
  • Garland Hardy, LANTEC Marine Inc.
  • The Art and Science of Naval Architecture in a Virtual Shipyard
  • Carl J. Harris, Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University
  • Advances in Simulation of Port Operations
  • Peter Sørensen, FORCE Technology
  • Cathrine Steenberg, FORCE Technology
  • Bugge T. Jensen, FORCE Technology
  • Operational Science - Simulation and other Tools for Enhancing Operator Safety
  • Dr. Todd Macuda, GAC
  • SIME-LEARNING - The New Wave in Maritime Training
  • Serge Côte, Kongsberg Maritime Simulation
  • Sandy Sweet, Holland College
  • Performance Assurance for Operators of Small Boats
  • Anthony Patterson, Virtual Marine Technology Inc.
  • Randy Billard, Virtual Marine
  • A Simulation Model for Response Unit Location Planning in Maritime Search and Rescue
  • Dr. Ronald Pelot, Dalhousie University
  • D. Wootton, Dalhousie University
  • R.C. Hilliard, Dalhousie University
  • A New Twist for Maritime Coalition Training
  • Commander Mike MacNeill, Royal Australian Navy
  • Reviews & Papers
  • Pieces of a Jigsaw - The Development of BP's New Platform Support and Rescue System for the North Sea
  • Dr. David Fryer, MTMC
  • Capt. John Gorrie, Noble Denton Consultants
  • Paul Graville, Amgram
  • Community Profile
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Back Cover
  • Advertisers Index & Publishing Schedule