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Volume 3 Number 2 (Summer)

All the Fishes that Swim - Counting, Catching and Sustaining Stocks
  • Intro
  • Table of Contents
  • Essays
  • Ocean Technology and Fish
  • George A. Rose, Centre for Fisheries Ecosystems Research
  • Benthic Habitat Mapping in Canada - A Perspective
  • Vladimir E. Kostylev, Natural Resources Canada
  • Brian J. Todd, Bedford Institute of Oceanography
  • John Shaw, Natural Resources Canada
  • Fishing Smarter: Improving Harvesting Technology Through the Study of Animal Behaviour
  • Paul Winger, Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University
  • The Ocean Tracking Network: Cutting Edge Technology on a Global Scale
  • Ron O'Dor, Dalhousie University
  • Mike Stokesbury, Dalhousie University
  • Peter G. Amiro, Bedford Institute of Oceanography
  • Eddie Halfyard, Dalhousie University
  • Reviews & Papers
  • Diel Variation within the Species Selective "Topless" Trawl Net
  • David M. Chosid, Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries
  • Michael Pol, Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries
  • Mark Szymanski, Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries
  • Luis Ribas, Barrosa Fishing Corp.
  • Thomas Moth-Poulsen, FAO-SEUR
  • Fish Behaviour and Species Separation for the Gulf of Maine Multispecies Trawls
  • Pingguo He, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • Tracey Smith, Ministry of Fisheries, New Zealand
  • Carl Bouchard, F/V "Stormy Weather"
  • Performance Evaluation of Discus Buoy in Directional Seas
  • Dr. V. Sundar, Indian Institute of Technology
  • R. Balaji, Sogreah Gulf
  • S.A. Sannasiraj, Indian Institute of Technology
  • Learning Ocean
  • Focus on ... Atlantic Cod
  • Capt. Jan Negrijn, MV Coastal Explorer
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