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Table of Contents

Volume 14 Number 3 (Fall)

Sharing the Oceans: Marine Life and Anthropogenic Sound
  • Essays
  • Best Available Technology and Best Environmental Practice for Three Noise Sources: Shipping, Seismic Airgun Surveys, and Pile Driving
  • Lindy Weilgart, Dalhousie University
  • Sounds Generated by Marine Mammals and Impacts of Different Types of Underwater Noise
  • Serdar Beji, Istanbul Technical University
  • Next not Best Practices: Transboundary Collaboration between Ferry Services Addressing Species at Risk
  • Kevin Bartoy, Washington State Ferries
  • Leslie James, BC Ferries
  • Greg Peterson, BC Ferries
  • Mitigating and Predicting Underwater Noise from Ships
  • Andrew Kendrick, Vard Marine Inc.
  • Regulation Consideration of Ocean Mapping Multibeam Echo Sounders
  • Hilary Kates Varghese, University of New Hampshire
  • Michael Smith, University of New Hampshire
  • Jennifer Miksis-Olds, University of New Hampshire
  • Larry Mayer, University of New Hampshire
  • Thermal Imaging to Protect Endangered Marine Mammal Species Day and Night
  • Colin Gauthier-Barrette, Merinov
  • Maude Sirois, Merinov
  • Jerome Laurent, Merinov
  • Chloe Martineau, Universite de Sherbrooke
  • Design of Quiet Ships
  • Kai Abrahamsen, DNV GL