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Table of Contents

Volume 17 Number 3 (Fall)

Climate Change and the Ocean
  • Spindrift
  • Q&A with Paula Keener
  • Trade Winds
  • Inside Out ... Use of Virtual Participatory Mapping Tools to Advance Local and Traditional Knowledge in Climate Change Adaptation for the Inuvialuit Settlement Region
  • Sara Vanderkaden, NEXUS Coastal Resources Management Ltd.
  • Chris Milley, NEXUS Coastal Resources Management Ltd.
  • Chukita Gruben, Tuktoyaktuk Hunter and Trapper Committee
  • Jen Lam, Joint Secretariat
  • Turnings
  • Reverberations ... Greener Marine Shipping to Help Fight Climate Change
  • Homeward Bound ... Collecting to Connect: Student-built Miniboats Contributing to Ocean Science Research
  • Cassandre Stymiest, Educational Passages
  • Aimee Bonanno, Educational Passages
  • Andrea Gingras, University of Rhode Island
  • Sarah Nickford, University of Rhode Island
  • Alexis Johnson, University of Rhode Island
  • Greg Rowe, Burrillville High School
  • Parting Notes ... Terra Nova by Rebecca Rutstein