In-depth reading on ocean-based carbon removal

From the Guest editor Dr. Kate Moran (page v)

Durable Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide: The Ocean to the Rescue (pages 1-7)

by Benoît Pirenne, Kunal Khandelwal, Kate Moran, and Martin Scherwath

Is Sinking Carbon the Best Carbon Sink? Opportunities and Challenges of Using Sea Kelp to Seek Help with the Climate Crisis (pages 20-28)

by Michael James Teasdale, Justin So, and Kiley Best

Offshore Wind Energy, Direct Air Capture, and Carbon Sequestration in Basalt: Solutions for Atmospheric CO2 Reduction (pages 30-36)

by David Goldberg and Kate Moran

Flood Damage Assessment using Satellite Observations within the Google Earth Engine Cloud Platform (pages 64-75)

Mehdi Sharifipour, Meisam Amani, and Armin Moghimi

In this study, the level 2A products of Sentinel-2, which are available in GEE, were used (page 69).

Ocean Drones Provide Systematic Observation to Enable Climate Solutions (pages 136-138)

Richard Jenkins

OFI Joins Ocean Visions as Research Consortium Member

Ocean Solutions in the Carbon Market (pages 140-141)

Freya Chay