How to Access

The Journal of Ocean Technology (JOT) is a peer-reviewed periodical published four times a year by the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University. This international publication serves as a medium to discuss, debate, and promote developments in the ocean technology sector through themed open access essays, short articles, and peer-reviewed papers by some of the world’s leading experts. Each issue addresses scientific, technical, commercial and regulatory challenges and opportunities in a particular theme area.

Its mission is to expand global knowledge and understanding of ocean technologies and to serve as the medium for publishing world-leading research and innovation that contributes to responsible ocean utilization and management.

Each issue sheds light on the role that technology plays in helping to improve the safety, efficiency, and profitability of ocean enterprise, and the sustainability of the ocean environment and resources. It provides a window into the important issues, technologies, and innovations taking place in a range of ocean sectors – all in an easy-to-read format with high-resolution graphics and photography. It is of interest to the private sector as well as academic, scientific, industrial, regulatory, and governance organizations worldwide working above, on, or below the ocean’s surface.

All issues of the JOT are available online – free of charge. Click here to access the archives. 

Print Copies

For those interested in a hard copy, annual printed subscriptions can be purchased as outlined below:

  • Corporate/government, North America delivery $150
  • Corporate/government, international delivery $200
  • Library, North America delivery $250
  • Library, international delivery $300

Prices are quoted in Canadian dollars; please include payment in Canadian dollars with orders. Rates include postage via regular mail ground service.