Marine Tourism

Recreational scuba diving is a multimillion dollar industry worldwide and is considered one of the fastest growing sports with over 22 million certified divers around the globe.

It’s no wonder why this marine sport is of interest to so many. Where else can you experience the beauty, the majesty, the serenity, the peacefulness found below the ocean’s surface? Where can you experience weightlessness while exploring historic shipwrecks or coral reefs? Where do new discoveries await you every time you dive? Where can you interact with exotic creatures large and small? Where can you witness the diversity of our ocean flora and fauna?

As Jacques Cousteau adequately stated: The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.
[Editor Dawn Roche]

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Call for Technical Papers

The JOT production team invites the submission of technical papers that describe cutting edge research (themes and deadlines below). Papers should present the results of new (i.e., not previously published) research in ocean technology, science or engineering, and be no more than 7,500 words in length. All papers are subject to a rigorous peer-review process. All peer-reviewed papers in the JOT are open access.

Mapping the deep - August 25, 2017

Coastal ocean observation - November 17, 2017

Electricity in the marine environment - February 23, 2018

Vehicles - May 25, 2018

Polar water operations - August 24, 2018

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