Marine Bioprocessing Facility

Marine Bioprocessing Facility Marine Bioprocessing Facility

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Facility Location : Ridge Road campus, St. John's

This facility was established in response to the significant quantities of processing discards generated from the fishing and aquaculture industries each year in Atlantic Canada. The facility opened in December 2006 with assistance from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Government, Atlantic Canadian universities and industry partners. This 270 square metre facility is equipped with:

  • a variety of extraction, concentrating and drying equipment,
  • extrusion processing equipment and
  • a 208 litre batch biodiesel processor.

This facility is available to clients for:

  • lab scale isolation of potentially valuable by-products from seafood waste streams
  • the purification and concentration of valuable by-products
  • pilot scale, preliminary production of valuable by-products prior to commercialization
  • conducting industrial workshops for processing employees and other personnel