Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing Pressure Testing

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Facility Location : Ridge Road campus, St. John's

CSAR houses the Marine Institute's hydrostatic test chamber. The 70 litre chamber is able to simulate ocean depths of up to 1800 metres. The chamber has been used by various clients over the past several years for various purposes including:

  • testing the integrity of O-ring seals for fisheries/marine related
  • instrument housings
  • verifying the depth capability of fishing floats
  • demonstrating the affects of pressure on both rigid and non-rigid
  • floats during fisheries workshops
  • destructive testing of instrument housings fitted with GPS for use in the tracking of marine mammals

The chamber has been recently upgraded to allow for logging of pressure data while tests occur. Future upgrades will allow the buoyancy of an object to be logged simultaneously with depth data and should be particularly useful in determining the effects of buoyancy on non-rigid floats.