Centre for Applied Ocean Technology


Our oceans are home to vast and largely untapped resources, carry over 90% of global trade and sustain life on earth through regulation of climate. As global population and commerce continue to grow, the demand to know our oceans is stronger than ever.

At the Centre for Applied Ocean Technology (CTec) we collaborate with industry and others on the development and application of technology for the practical benefit of all sectors of the maritime community.

CTec undertakes applied research and development in two key areas:

  • Ocean Mapping
  • Ocean Observing Systems

The guiding principles of our applied research and development efforts are to:

  • respond to the evolving technology needs of key ocean industries such as fisheries, shipping, offshore oil and gas
  • wherever possible and practical, work collaboratively with the ocean technology industry in Canada
  • provide work experience and employment opportunities for students and graduates of programs

Our goal is to enhance the safety, efficiency, sustainability and profitability of maritime pursuits through the application of technology. Our technologies and expertise are helping to bridge the gap between ‘knowing' and ‘doing.'